A Dog’s health

Keeping your dog fit and healthy doesn’t mean feeding them a “healthy” human diet. Dogs should be fed their own food based on their requirements. If you are unsure, ask your vet at your pets next check-up. Certain dog chews have been made to promote healthy teeth. This doesn’t mean that you can avoid brushing your dogs teeth all together, but it will promote healthier teeth and gums. However, you need to make sure you don’t go into overdrive and over feed them. Dog food comes as ‘wet’/tinned food or ‘dry’, so the choice is yours. However, you need to consider picking a food type that is the most suitable based on age and/or breed. The amount a dog should be fed will increase with activity and the dogs size. The larger and more active he/she is, the more he/she will need. You need to refer to the manufacturers guidelines or again, ask a vet.