Buying the Correct Bedding for your Pet

Pets need different types of bedding depending on the types of animal. Larger animals like dogs and cats may not need any bedding at all and may sleep on an animal bed. Small animals will generally need bedding to keep them warm and safe, especially if they are being kept outside.

You need to be careful about the type of bedding you select. A gerbil or hamster will be fine with sawdust, whereas this won’t be sufficient for a guinea pig or rabbit. It won’t be the right material for them to burrow down into, and they would be much better off with hay or straw. Sawdust could also cause problems with breathing and could get into animals eyes if used incorrectly. If you are ever unsure, check with a vet or a pet shop to ascertain the right type of bedding material for your specific animal. It is better to be safe and get the right animal products from the start.