Cat Claw Covers

A big problem that any cat owner will be familiar with, with their pet, is the damage caused by the cats’ claws. Typically, cats will sharpen their claws on almost anything, regardless of what they may be damaging, so that you will typically end up with damaged furniture and carpets as a result of their efforts. A great way of dealing with this circumstance is to buy a set of claw covers, which can be worn by your pet with little to no discomfort, and certainly no harm. This will reduce the sharpness of your pets claws, which will help to maintain your home, as well as reducing cat scratches which may result from playing with the cat.

Cat claw covers, or nail caps, can be installed on your pets paws relatively easily. Typically they are made from polymers, which can then be easily glued to your pets claws. They are safe, non-toxic, and cheap as well. They were originally designed by a veterinarian, to reduce the number of people opting to declaw their pet, by providing them with a safer, more kind alternative.