Indoor cat – cages

This is not as cruel as you’re imagining. We’re actually talking about an enclosure that can give your cat safe time to play outdoors . Indoor cat owners can worry about keeping a cat indoors 24/7, so this gives them an alternative. Just like having an outdoor rabbit run, but for your cat. You can get these in many sizes or just consider having a custom one made. A porch with a screen to keep the cat inside could also be another option. However, if you want to try something which is not as permanent of menacing to your property, you could consider a cat harness. A harness is a safe way to walk your cat. However, you might find your cat will need to warm to it over time, so don’t expect them to react in the same way as a dog going on a walk straight off! Best place to start would be your garden, if he/she is brave enough to venture down with you to the local park, be cautious of dogs, they will probably not be used to seeing a cat walking around “their park”.