Rabbit Harnesses

It’s not just dogs that can be taken out on little strolls, rabbits can also have their very own harness and it’s ideal if you have a relatively small garden. The rabbit harness means that they can be taken out on a little stroll to get a good amount of exercise, rather than hopping around in a relatively small space.

You do have to be patient though and a rabbit may decide it only wants’ to move about slightly, and it’s nothing like walking a dog. The good thing about the harness is that you will be keeping an eye on him or her, and you’re always nearby if they get in a spot of bother, perhaps being pestered by a large dog.

You do have to be careful where you’re walking your rabbit too, and they love the grass and fields, so always try to find a large field where they’re going to get plenty of fresh excise. You should also remember that they need to stay hydrated while you’re out and about, while a snack goes down a treat.