Rehoming Small Animals – Giving Them a New Life

People often think about rehoming larger pets, like cats and dogs. However, it can also be very rewarding to rehome small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits and rats. They can just as easily be abandoned and often animal shelters will have lots of pets like this, looking for a new home. Some pet shops will also have animals that they cannot sell, so they are looking for a new home for them for free.

If you are going to get a small pet for your household, definitely look into the rehoming options in your area. You can buy all of the equipment you need, like cages, water bottles, food and bedding, in advance, so that when you find a pet you like you can take it straight home. Just make sure it is healthy and doesn’t have any behavioural problems that might end up catching you out. Check thoroughly with the shelter beforehand.