Trade Market Your Pets At The Internet And Pet Expo Trade Show Stand

Pet lovers are among the most passionate consumers in any industry. There’s no buyer more educated, interested, and enthusiastic than a proud parent talking about a promising product for the first time. That fact makes internet and trade shows an excellent place to take your pet trade marketing. They tend to love learning about new products and discussing old ones, and your trade show exhibits can only add to their experience.

Bring Plenty Of Trade Show Exhibit Staff

In order to successfully conduct pet trade marketing, you need to bring a lot of people with whom they can interact. Ideally, bring other owners and enthusiasts who will simultaneously share the consumer’s love of animals and promote your product. It is definitely not a good idea to bring staff members that don’t like animals. Animal enthusiasts tend to know when people are not fellow ‘pet people’ and would feel uncomfortable buying a product from them.

Have Samples Available

Many animal products including treats, food, and other supplies can be easily offered in small sample packs. This is the best kind of giveaway to have at trade show exhibits. It lets pets (and the people who spoil them) test out what you have to offer, possibly sparking an immediate sale. If the convention allows animals to come alongside their owners, then you should be ready to offer disposable bowls or anything else that might make it easier for your product to be tested on the spot. Most shows do not allow animals, but even if the animal tries it later and likes it, the owner is quite likely to buy your product.

Have Fun With Your Trade Show Stand

Pet expos are known for their fun, relaxed atmosphere, and trade show exhibits should take advantage of that. Don’t be afraid to use more exciting colours, or to go for themes that might seem appropriate if you were showcasing within a different industry. It is best to go with your gut, trusting yourself to produce an excellent design that will serve you well in a very lenient and relaxed convention environment.

The typical advice to avoid cliche or intensive theme design for your pet trade exhibit does not apply to pet conventions. If you are trying to communicate the dangers of pests to animals and their owners, you could choose to place oversized cutouts of some of the bugs near descriptions of the dangers they cause. This might be too much at another convention, but at a pet expo, it will be a favourable way to grab attention.

Never Lose Sight of Your Objective

Your pet trade has a reason for placing trade show exhibits at this particular convention. No matter how different it may be from your usual venue, or how much fun you may have with design and staffing, you should always keep your objective in mind. With the proper focus, you will find that a pet expo can be an excellent opportunity to promote your pet trade marketing, meet customers, and build a strong brand identity that will help you far into the future.